Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Enjoying to work with# NLP at Illuminations

Enjoying to work with NLP at Illuminations. It is important to have a clean and organized work atmosphere. It is essential to have all logistics available and timely. Having more than one person care in each position of marketing, training preparation, enrolment, set up and  training care is a delight. Professionalism, love and light expresses itself in wonderful environments.




Friday, 17 November 2017

NLP helps to overcome animal brain

Today in the NLP Coaching training in Dubai we talked about how most of our disturbing and limiting emotions make the brain initiate shooting out adrenals and other chemicals that create feeling bad. That type of feeling bad is what an animal would never feel. The animal has the fight and flight natural limbic survival brain reactions. Humans create many types of stress, anxiety and fear that have nothing to do with survival. These emotions and states of mind are created because the amazing meaning-making process of the neo-cortex.

Everyone in the group agreed that it is about overcoming and transforming and managing our states of mind more consciously. Then we were celebrating “NLP Excellence”.



Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Law of Attraction in Action

Tonight’s training’s main question was: What makes us attract what we don’t want? What exactly can we do to attract what we want? I gave the good news: Yes, you can have whatever it is you want. Fulfilling relationships, love, quality friends, expressing your potential optimally, the career you wish, health and of course also wealth. BUT: it is not just coming flying from the skyp because you dream or visualize. Sorry. We have to do something about it.  Guiding our emotions and thoughts more consciously is an art that needs to be learnt.  The demo in this workshop was on how our thought directly influence our actions. 16 particpants, everyone got it. The Law of Attraction into Action.




Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Emotional Intelligence: Being comfortable about being uncomfortable

One of the things we discussed in the Emotional Intelligence training today is this phenomenon that we want to be happy only. Yes that is a great wish and it is unrealistic just like there is not only the day but also the night just like there is not only sunshine but also rain so is pain and gain.

I think what everyone valued was: Change menus discomfort, otherwise it would not be change. When we continue doing what we are doing we follow comfort. Once we expand, step out of the box do something beyond the ordinary we have to be uncomfortable first.

This is just like the first tooth comes. Did we not all cry maybe even scream of pain? When you stretch a muscle there is some sort of pain to it. As a child when we jump of the pathway for the first time we are literally afraid… for several times until we smile doing the same thing.

It is about learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. What an amazing learning. Once more:  being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Just for a while... because after that while it again becomes a pattern, we get used to it, we can experience comfort again.

Only to then go for the next step of learning and growing. Isn’t that life? Join me in embracing that change comes with discomfort – and that it goes along with being comfortable with being uncomfortable. What do you think?

Friday, 3 November 2017

What are #Emotions?

Preparing for a corporate training today re-doing a slide on What are emotions? What exactly is it that creates the chemical reactions that elevates our heart rate, heartbeat, breathing and may even result in shouting? We call it annoyed, irritated, frustrated, angry. Emotions are powerful and they easily take over. It takes consciousness, willingness and commitment to learn changing these processes. Good news: It is possible. And: You can!







Thursday, 2 November 2017


Today someone asked me: What is the essence of your work? That is always a difficult question as I there are so many aspects to my work: Corporate Training, Individual Coaching, Mentorship programs, NLP Certifications, Emotional Intelligence Courses, Astrology… What a good question that made me think what all of the aspects of my work have in common. Then I found myself answering: I am committed to help people find the power of their heart, come from their heart and when coaching or training others, work from their heart. The essence is Heartfulness.







Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#Emotional Intelligence Technique

Today while traveling, shopping and setting up in the apartment hotel I was engaged in many situations that included waiting. Having lived in USA so many years and being spoiled with that standard of Customer Service makes those matters harder on the other side of the world. Some reactions might appear literally rude from a western perspective. Luckily I remembered one of the techniques  I teach in the EI certification training. What a blessing to use one’s own techniques… Haha…

It is called: “The 5 Second Delay Response.”  In an “about to get tense” situation, take a deep breathe with the Koan Question: “Is it worth it?” As the answer mostly will be “No” the remaining practice is counting down 5 seconds while smiling. It mostly works. After 5 counts/seconds the impatient/annoyed/frustrated/upset emotion is at least half deflated. When you add on top of it a SMILE – most certainly the emotions will be sufficiently deflated for a “no response” or even a “netural” or “no-response”. Yeah. NLP tricks are practical and work well for daily situations.