Wednesday, 22 March 2017

21 March Happy Sprin Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox




21 March Enlightenment Day

I will not, because I cannot. And I cannot because nobody can. You have come a little late. Had you asked me the same question before I became enlightened, I had many answers. Now I have none. Now I am absolutely dumb about it.
I can show you the path, how to become enlightened, but I cannot say what it is. I can hold your hand to the very door and push you in, but I don't know what is in.
If you are courageous, come, follow me. If you are not courageous, escape as soon as possible, because if you hang around a little longer, it is dangerous. And I am telling you beforehand, so you can never make me responsible for it. Either escape as fast as possible and as far away as possible to be here is dangerous -- or take courage and hold my hand: I can take you in that state of enlightenment.
But nothing can be said about it. It is indefinable, it is ineffable. It IS -- in fact only it is, nothing else exists -- but it is so vast, it cannot be confined to any explanation.
Osho: Ecstasy: The forgotten Language # 7




Thursday, 16 March 2017

My religion is kindness





It's is about #Learning

“It’s about Learning” is my favorite slogan. When I get stressed and find myself rushing around – I take a moment and learn how to slow down to find out how todo things more effectively. Yet more to learn… When I get emotionally affected by others too much, I remember to learn to stay centered. When I find myself judging myself or others I notice and learn how to come back into accepting and appreciating… “It’s about learning” is a wonderful neutralizer and motivator. Feel welcome to join me.




#NLP for Corporates

Why would NLP help for the corporates? The communication skills NLP offers are so hands-on immediate and easy to apply. Paying attention on the non-verbal level and respond to physical posture, gestures and movements deepens the subconscious trust. Identifying and more consciously using language patterns increases compassion and also persuasion. And: leaders can learn to be more loved and also be more effective. NLP is great fun when properly understood and masterfully applied.




Wednesday, 15 March 2017

it's all about #rapport

When we feel disregarded in an interaction it is because rapport must have been broken. When we engage in potential conflict or anything more than that it is because rapport is missing. When we feel bad or worse than that  in our daily business communications it means rapport was lost. Rapport means trust on the subconscious level. Whether a beginner or master in professional communication rapport can always still be improved. By the way have you created rapport with yourself today?




Celebration is Number One

Celebration is number 1 in India. Every chance for music, colors, dance and fun. I love India for that.  What a happy Holi.